Exploring Unconscious Bias Training 9/18/20

September 18, 2020 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Virtual Interactive Training via Zoom

Join us virtually on September 18, 2020 as The Clearing presents an interactive training on Unconscious Bias

About this Event

In order to cultivate high performing organizations, we must tap into the rich resources of our global community and ensure fairness and justice in the workplace. Diversity encompasses all that makes us unique, including the diversity of thought and perspective that accompanies our identity. Exploring Unconscious Bias is designed to help individuals become more self-aware as leaders and build stronger,
more inclusive teams.

Join The Clearing for a half-day, interactive training on how to create awareness

of and tools to adjust and eliminate discriminatory behaviors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the differentiation of biases and a deepened awareness of unconscious bias
  • Apply learning to organizational outcomes and team performance
  • Employ practices that examine company culture for unconscious bias or accidental discrimination

What you’ll experience:

  • A fun, interactive, and experiential learning environment
  • Practical, real-life examples coupled with theory to help identify
    what to do differently as a leader to promote diversity and inclusion
  • An opportunity to practice identifying and mitigating unconscious
    bias behaviors
  • Expert trainers who offer personalized coaching in a low-stakes setting

What you’ll leave with:

  • Differentiation of biases and a deepened awareness of unconscious bias
  • Best practices to avoid and mitigate organizational unconscious bias
  • Practices for how to examine company culture for unconscious bias or
    accidental discrimination
  • Understanding of how to apply learnings to achieve organizational
    outcomes and increase team performance

This is a Virtual Training held via Zoom.


About The Clearing

The Clearing is a management consulting firm that helps leaders identify underlying causes of organizational obstacles. We help create peak performance organizations through strategy development, change management, and leadership training.

The Clearing believes our clients can solve problems, make an impact, and drive sustainable changes utilizing the fewest, most essential people – all within the constraints of finite resources and time. We are committed to helping individuals and organizations make a positive impact on the world.


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